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Coronavirus – our steps to prevent & protect


Here at Smartmove Removals, we obviously think it is extremely important to be responsible & with this in mind, we are asking all appraisals/quotes to be carried out by Video – either What’s App, Facetime or Skype (please provide your skype name).

Matt Harper, the appraiser, comes into closer contact with more people than the removal staff so we feel this is the right course of action to take to protect as many people as we can.

Our apologies If you currently have a Home Visit booked, as we know not everyone feels comfortable in front of a camera but please do not worry! Matt will talk you through the process & you don’t have to look into the camera if you don’t want too. As long as you show him absolutely everything that is to be moved & you can hear each other, that’s the vital bit!

It is actually like Matt being in the room with you, it’s just he’s in your phone, not in person. But you can show him everything he needs to see by flipping the screen around & you can still talk to him & ask him questions & advice.

With a slow walk around the property, be sure to also show him:

  • Any loft or eave space
  • All hallways, landings & stairs so he can see the access
  • Any garage, shed or garden areas & items

If there is a reason you cannot access a room whilst on the call (if a child is sleeping perhaps), then take a picture & send them through to 07714455000 by What’s App!

We also look at each property on StreetView so we can see the access into the house & we also have a look at the new property (it’s important to tell us about any access issues at the other end too).

And with your permission, Matt will also ask to take screen shots as you go along so we have a record for the staff should you choose to go with us. Please be assured all photos are deleted after confirmation from yourselves or after the move has taken place.

If you have any queries at all or would like some further advice as to what to do, please call Justine on 0117 9117703 or 07714455000.

Please do not be concerned with the actual move day either. All staff are taking the appropriate measures with regard to keeping a safe distance & washing their hands regularly. Customers are proving very understanding & also providing them with dedicated sinks & soap/sanitiser. The vans are/will continue to be regularly cleaned & steering wheels wiped etc throughout each day.

There really isn’t any reason why your, sometimes long awaited, move cannot go ahead! As long as we are all taking care, there should not be a problem to carry on as usual!

Thank you for your understanding & co-operation.


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